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Type W-1

The CUBS Type W1 Floor Box is a small locking single door unit 19″ X 9″ X 24″ deep. It is used mostly for areas where light power loads and communications are required. Pre-function, lobby, and meeting rooms are good applications for the W1 Floor box.

This box may be small but it still carries the 32,000 load rating as the W2 & W3 Floor Boxes. The W1 Floor Box can support just about any service required from water/air/drain supplies, power, communications, or combinations of both power and communications.

The Type W1 Floor Box has a hinged locking cover to prevent unauthorized use. It has two (2) hinged cable access doors that allow the operator to make all of the required connections and still close and lock the covers to keep anyone from stepping into them.

Please review the pictures and drawings associated with the CUBS Type W1 Floor Box on this page.

W Cover Open
W Cover Closed