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The CUBS Plant is located in Mukilteo, Washington and consists of over 7,000 square feet on the active shop floor. The plant has all of the machines and welding stations to provide clean, safe, and quick production for the best floor boxes made.

The plant, main production is floor boxes, also spends a lot of time manufacturing custom parts for every walk of life. From 316 stainless steel instrument stands for water treatment plants, custom brackets for SCUBA power scooters, stainless custom back up battery brackets for electrical panels, electrical panels, to simple custom hooks for cable and fixture supports. We manufacture everything from one of a kind item to hundreds of that one of a kind item. Architects sometimes find themselves in that design corner trying to please their clients. They know how they want it to look but rely on us to make it work.

This is where a custom shop becomes so valuable in the construction business. Anything can be done, but it is important to have it done right. The hardest part of this is finding someone that can do it. A lot of great ideas and designs seem to stay on the design table because you cannot find that item in the market place. What makes that design great is that you do not find it in the market place. What makes it great is finding someone that will work with you and make that design come to life for your client. CUBS Plant has the equipment and the talent to put your design out there.

All you have to do is call and ask. I promise that we will do everything in our power to make your design a success.