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The CUBS floor boxes have been around for enough years that you can go into over 200 convention centers, exhibit halls, meeting rooms and find our floor boxes. There is always a completed installation somewhere near you that you can get first hand evaluation from the facility operators about floor boxes. When it comes to quality of floor boxes, CUBS is always first. All others are just trying to catch up. We make floor boxes to meet your needs, not floor boxes that you have to meet their limitations.

Floor Box Usage:

Convention Centers: Type M, Type W1, Type W2, Type W3, Type WP (exterior floor boxes)

Mall/Shopping Centers: Type W1, Type W2, Type WP

Hospitals: Type WP

Schools: Type WP, Type M, Type W2

Theaters: Type WP, Type M

Factories: Type WP, Type M

Auditoriums: Type W, Type M, Type WP

Stadiums: Type M, Type W, Type WP

Exterior Applications: Type WP

There is a floor box that will fit just about every application that you will require to complete your design. If it is not there for you we will gladly design it for you. Call us and see how we can assist you with your next project.