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specifications 1

1.01 SCOPE

The Contractor, as part of the work of this section, shall coordinate, receive, connect and place into operation all equipment. The Contractor shall furnish all conduit, wire, connectors, hardware, pipe, fittings, and other incidental items necessary for the complete and properly functioning electrical outputs as described herein and shown on the plans.

The Contractor shall coordinate the mounting of the utility boxes among all associated trades.

Provide complete assembly for electrical power, telephone, data, air, water and drain in a concrete tight, water tight, non-corrosive enclosure suitable for flush floor installation in high vehicular traffic areas with very high concentrated loads.


  • Shop drawings shall be submitted for approval within 30 days after receipt of purchase order. No fabrication of equipment is to proceed prior to approval of these drawings. Submittal package shall contain six (6) sets of the following:
    1. Cover Sheet.
    2. Complete Bill of Materials.
    3. Catalog Cut Sheets.
    4. Shop Drawings detailing all mechanical and electrical equipment including internal wiring, and physical dimensions. Include all hardware items supplied for electrical, air, water, and drainage.
  • Shop drawings shall be submitted from standard product drawings modified for the specific project application only, such as name plates, electrical distribution, and plumbing. One manufacturer shall be responsible for the complete Utility Box from standard frames, trims, covers and enclosures plus custom internal devices.


  • Manufacturer’s utilities boxes must include UL Listing (AUUZ) and IAPMO (PS 114) for a complete assembly.
  • Equipment specified herein shall be the coordinated product of a single manufacturer. All trims, frames, covers, enclosures, electrical, plumbing and cabinet fabrication must take place by one single manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer shall supply full testing documentation required by the specifying engineer for structural, electrical, and plumbing. Boxes shall be certified and stamped by a structural engineer and include all test results based on loads.
  • All floor boxes must be manufactured and installed in such a manner to allow the floor box device plates to be removed from the floor and replaced without having to saw-cut concrete.


All equipment shall be warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of eighteen (18) months from date of shipment or one year from date of installation, whichever occurs first.


Box shall be the standard product of a company regularly engaged in the manufacture of combined utility boxes. Contents of the box may be customized to suit, subject to limitations of box dimensions codes. Boxes shall be manufactured by Combined Utilities Box Systems (805/532-1776), 5325 North Commerce Ave., #4, Moorpark, CA 93021-1643. Only one manufacturer known to specifying agency.



  • The equipment herein specified is manufactured by Combined Utilities Box Systems (CUBS), Moorpark, CA, (805/532-1776) and shall serve to indicate the quality of equipment required. Base bid shall be for the equipment by CUBS. If alternate equipment is proposed, it shall be shown as an add or deduct from the base bid price and shall be subject to approval.
  • Other manufacturers who wish to bid must submit a complete bill of materials, company information, and certified test results listing qualifications to the Architect ten (10) days prior to bid. Bid approval signed by the Architect must be supplied at the time of bid. All manufacturers must comply with the bid specifications. Exceptions will not be permitted and are grounds for immediate rejection.


  • The lid shall be capable of bearing the following load conditions for 20 minutes without permanent deformation:
    1. A solid tire forklift with a lifting capacity of 30,000 pounds and a dead weight of 34,000 pounds. The maximum total load on the two front wheels is 62,000 pounds and on one wheel is 30,000 pounds. The solid tire foot-print is assumed to be 16 inches by 1 inch.
    2. A six-wheel pneumatic tired vehicle with a lifting capacity of 62,000 pounds and a dead load weight of 80,600 pounds. The maximum total load on four front wheels is 142,600 pounds and on one wheel is 35,650 pounds. The assumed foot-print is 16 inches by 15 inches, based on 150 P.S.I. tire pressure. The dual wheels are spaced 20 inches on center.
    3. Minimum safety factor: 2.00.
    4. Minimum load rating for the lid on Type “W” box shall be 32,000 pounds.
    5. Load test reports must be filed with the specifying AIA prior to bid.


  • TRIM: (Type W3)
    1. The Trim shall be fabricated from #14 stainless steel.
    2. Gasketed, 1/8”.
  • FRAME:
    1. A cast, A356-T6 aluminum frame shall mount flush with the trim, cover, and floor.
    2. The finish is to be sand cast with flat square pattern and groves to form the pattern, should be 1/16″ x 1/16″ cross sections, spaced 1/2″ apart.
    3. Aluminum castings shall be Aluminum Association No. A356-T6 minimum with a yield stress of greater than 20,000 PSI minimum.
    4. Frame shall have hold down anchor holes to secure the frame during the concrete pour.
  • COVER:
    1. Covers shall be cast, A356-T6 aluminum.
    2. Finish shall be the same grooved, square pattern as the frame. Patterns shall be continuous.
    3. Maximum weight is 19 pounds.
    4. Each cover shall have two cable access doors and one water proof lock.
    5. Mating surfaces shall be gasketed.
    6. Aluminum castings shall be Aluminum Association No. A356-T6 minimum with a yield stress of +20,000 PSI minimum.
    7. Covers will have recess hidden hinges to protect them from load traffic.
    8. Cable access doors shall have breakaway friction hinges that will keep them in either open or closed position when the cover is opened. Metal hinges that do not retain position will not be approved.
    9. Covers, when opened, shall allow full access to all plug devices without obstruction of the cover’s frame.
    10. Covers shall not be able to be removed from the frames. Covers must be able to be fully closed even when devices have been plugged-in. Covers that require their removal when in use will not be allowed.
    11. Three (3) covers shall fit into each frame.
    1. Box shall be fabricated from #16 304 stainless steel.
    2. Partitions shall be welded in place to form watertight joints.
    3. The enclosure is to be fully weld in all seams and joints to insure there is no leakage from interior or exterior.
    1. Dead front sub-panel for electrical components shall be fabricated from #14 304 stainless steel.
    2. Dead fronts shall be held in place by weld studs and nuts.
    3. All devices on dead fronts shall be furnished with gasketed WP covers.
    1. Finished assembly of trim, frame and covers are to be flat and level with the floor within 1/8″.
    2. Sub-panels fasteners shall be captive stainless steel.
    3. Gaskets shall be 1/8″ thick neoprene (40 durometers) and resistant to oil, acids, abrasive, aging and oxidation. Gaskets to be held in place with adhesive.
    4. Nameplates shall be attached to each device.
    5. Each receptacle and each breaker shall be labeled with amperage and phases per IEEE recommended practice.
  • Type W2: Same electrical without wet section. Two covers only.
  • Type W1: Single cover to match other Type W floor boxes. Electrical has (2) 20A receptacles, (1) 30A 4P 5W, 120/208V Twistlock, and space for low voltage.


    1. Electrical components shall be U.L. Listed.
    2. Sub-panels shall be pre-wired prior to shipping and be covered by the U.L. Listing.
    3. Minimum 10,000 AIC, RMS.
    4. Lugs rated minimum 75 degrees C.
    1. Wiring shall be 75 degree C THWN or XHHW.
    2. Color code:
      • Ground – Green
      • Neutral – White or Grey
      • A phase – Black
      • B phase – Red
      • C phase – Blue
  • BREAKERS: (as noted on the drawings)
    1. Not required.
  • RECEPTACLES: (as noted on the drawings)
    1. 60A, 208Y/120V, 4P 5W, load make, load break, dead front mount, weather resistant cover.
    2. 30A, 120/208V, 4P 5W, load make, load break, dead front mount, weather resistant cover.
    3. (2) 20A, 125V, duplex grounding, 3-wire panel mount, heavy duty, NEMA 5-20R, with covers.
    1. (x) Distro-Boxes with six 20A, 125V, GFI, duplex grounding, 3-wire panel mount, heavy duty, NEMA 5-20R, (6) 20 Amp Single Pole Circuit breakers, and (6) Power Indicator Circuit Lights. UL Listed with matching twist-lock matching plug. (x) Provide one (1) Distro-Box for each floor box on this project and include (6) spare Distro-Boxes.


  • DEVICES: (as noted on the drawings)
    1. Low Voltage devices are supplied by LV Contractor, WP cover.
    1. Wiring by others.

2.06 PLUMBING: (as noted on the drawings)

    1. Bulkhead connector, 1/2″MNPTx1/2″MNPT, stainless steel, weld (air).
    2. Elbow 1/2”. 90, (air).
    3. Bulkhead connector, 3/4″MNPTx3/4″MNPT, stainless steel, weld (water).
    4. Elbow 3/4”, 90, (water).
  • .

    1. Ball.
    2. 1/2″ (air) and 3/4″ (water).
    3. 2000 psig, WOG.
    4. Teflon seats.
    5. Adjustable packing gland.
    6. Removable lever.
    7. Minimum Cv of 25.
    1. Female, 1/2” (air) and 3/4″ (water).
    2. Industrial interchange series B.
    3. ISO standard 7241/1 Series B.
    4. Buna-N seals.
  • DRAIN:
    1. 3” stainless steel, raised strainer for main drain.
specifications 3


Boxes shall be installed by others. Competent trades people from several trades are required to coordinate the installation. Responsibility for design and installation of electrical, low voltage and wet systems beyond the limits of the box supplied is by others. Care must be taken not to damage the box or associated conduit and piping systems. Temporary covers for use during construction shall be supplied by others. Installation requirements by the manufacturer need to be coordinated to insure overall function and operation of the floor boxes.


Upon completion, provide documentation consisting of engineering test reports, drawings, bill of materials, and spare parts list. Provide additional list of optional items, not part of this contract, that may be used in conjunction with the utility boxes such as multi-outlet supplies, extension cables, male connectors for 30A, 20A wiring devices, water extender valve, etc.