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CUBS has that “Can Do Attitude” that allows us to make custom floor boxes (or just about anything) that an Architect or Engineer needs to solve that problem of getting the services to where their clients need them.

This company was started by just such a request from an Engineer that had an application but no walls to put panels on. Another time an Architect wanted panels but did not want them on or in his walls. The solution was to put them in the floors where people could not see them.

We have never cared if we produced one floor box or five hundred floor boxes for a project because, large or small, we wanted CUBS to be part of the team. Custom floor boxes are something we manufacture everyday.

At CUBS we pride ourselves on how fast we can design a floor box and get it into production. Normally it takes only one day after the request to have a drawing in the Engineer’s hands. It might take several revisions to get it just right, but once it is approved it can go into production and within a week we can have a working floor box. Ask another company how fast they can produce a custom floor box and their answer would be that they will not make anything custom unless you want hundreds of them and still they would have to go to committee to see if there would be another market out there besides your simple request. Designs by comitia seem never to get designed.

It is not only custom floor boxes we get requests for, but for all of those other devices that are needed to complete a project that it seems as if no one can make. From fixture brackets for tunnel lighting, to battery brackets in enclosures, to tilt brackets for SCUBA diver’s powered sleds, and just about everything in between. CUBS can make them and make them better.

If you need something designed for you that will take some of that construction pressure off your shoulders, call us and give us a chance, you will never be disappointed.

Paver Pan Cover
Distro-Box outlets & Breakers
Custom Paver Pan & Enclosure
200A Company Switch Cam-Lock Section
Low Voltage Section
200A Company Switch Breaker Section
200A Cam Locks
Custom Wall Box
Finished Custom Stainless Wall Box
Custom Wiring on Device Plate
Device plate with WP Covers
Device Plate w/LV WP Covers
Custom Device Plate
Custom Device Plate Wiring