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Type W-2

The CUBS Type W2 Floor Box is a mid sized two door hinged and locking cover that is 19″ X 19″ X 24″ deep. This is the most common used floor box where there are no requirements for air, water, or large drain systems.

This floor box, just like all of the CUBS Floor Boxes, support the “bail-out” system that allows all of the floor boxes to be connected using 4″ empty conduits that run between boxes, electrical rooms, communication rooms, data centers, ceilings, service corridors, and loading docks.

The Type W2 Floor Box normally supports power and communications (Low Voltage). This box cover is square and can be aligned in any direction to fit the hall set up or show layout. The cover has four (4) cable access doors and has been designed to fit any of the Type W floor boxes.

At only 19″ X 19″ it still has sufficient room to have 100A, 60A, 30A, and 20A devices. The Inserts ( where the devices are mounted) all come pre-wired with secondary circuit breakers to support and protect the loads. This allows the installing electrical to only pull a 100A (5) conductor home run between the floor box and the electrical room for all the power required in the floor box.

The W series floor boxes all support the 32,000 load rating with a 2X safety factor (62,000 pounds) and is fully UL Listed as a complete assembly.

Interior of this floor box can be custom fitted to support just what your client requires. Let us know what you need and we can pick the proper box to meet these needs.

W2 Cover Open
W2 Cover Closed